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if you need ask a question or looking for more information,
please contact us by phone or email.

Name : Sinshe Tony Liem, L.Ac, AKP, Ch., C.Ht
Phone : +62 8311 9700 221 (WA)
Email : sinshe.liem@gmail.com

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One comment

  1. The last 2 times i have visited Bali i have had acupuncture on my hands as i suffer painful arthritis.

    I googled and came across a clinic called Liem acupunture which practices in Denpasar and i found out more recently a day or so in Seminyak as well.

    Tony is the man i have visited a very nice man (his wife is receptionist at Denpasar) Tony is extremely understanding and appears well qualified to make a judgment on how to improve my arthritis and i need say without exception the improvement i have experienced from the 6 visits on 2 distanced occasions now has been extremely significant.

    It seems from conversations i overhear people attend him for all sorts of ailments and problems, i have also heard someone talking about treatment to reduce smoking?

    I will return to see him on every visit without exception and might suggest if you have a condition or an issues that might benefit from acupuncture it might be well worth a try as it is significantly cheaper per visit than what i would pay in Australia i know.

    ONE last significant comment. I will receive nothing for taking the time to post this comment nor will i ever expect to. I just find we are all to quick to offer criticism when we are not happy but rarely take the time to sings peoples praises.

    I have been so impressed with the service and relief i have had from using this service i took the time to share it.

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