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Sexual Function in Men
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Sexual Function in Men

The Heart channel is related to the Kidney channel within the Shao Yin channels. It is also indirectly related to the Kidneys through the Du Mai and Ren Mai, both of which flow through the Heart and originate from the space between the Kidneys. Both the Du and Ren Mai have a profound influence on sexuality and the sexual function including sexual desire, sexual arousal, erection, maintenance of erection and ejaculation. Furthermore, the Chong Mai also starts from the space between the Kidneys and goes to the Heart and, in addition, it controls the zong muscles in the abdomen which many interpret as being the penis. Thus, especially in men’s sexuality, we can consider the Heart as an “Upper Kidney”, influencing many of the above sexual functions. If we accept this, it is easy to see how mental-emotional stress affecting the Heart has a profound influence on the sexual function in men.

There is yet another important connection between men’s sexual function and the Heart via the Minister Fire of the Ming Men. The Minister Fire is a special type of Fire that can actually generate Water: thus, the Fire and Water within the Kidneys are inseparable and interdependent. The Minister Fire warms and nourishes the Room of Sperm: when it is deficient, the Room of Sperm is cold and this may cause impotence or lack of libido; when it is excessive, it flares upwards affecting the Heart and Pericardium. The Room of Sperm, located in the Dan Tian is also called Bao, a term that applies to both men and women and that is therefore erroneously translated as “Uterus” (Zi Baois the Uterus). In women, the Uterus corresponds to the Lower Field of Elixir (Dan Tian) which in men houses the “Room of Sperm”. The “Golden Mirror of Medicine” (Yi Zong Jin Jian, 1742) says: “The Governing Vessel arises within the lower abdomen, externally in the abdomen, internally in the Bao…also called Dan Tian in both men and women: in women it is the Uterus, in men it is the Room of Sperm“. This passage clearly shows that Bao is a structure common to both men and women being the Uterus in women and the “Room of Sperm” in men. The extraordinary vessels arise from this area. We can therefore consider the Pericardium (Xin Bao) and Room of Sperm (Jing Shi) (also called Bao) as two centres of sexuality, one in the Upper Burner, the other in the Lower Burner: it is the coordination of these two centres that controls sexuality and specifically in men, libido, erection, orgasm and ejaculation. These two centres, the Heart and Pericardium above and the Minister Fire of the Kidneys below regulate the ascending and descending of Fire and Water and mutually inhibit and nourish each other.

Thus, in men we can use the Heart channel points to treat sexual dysfunctions such as impotence or premature ejaculation which are nearly always due to a dysfunction of Heart-Fire (deficient or excessive) rather than a Kidney deficiency. That is why, in most cases, all these tonics with deer antler, dog’s penis, seal penis or sea-horse never do anything. The main points for this function are HE 7 Shenmen and HE-3 Shaohai. I often combine the point HE-7 Shenmen with the opening points of the Du Mai. An example of a point combination for a man complaining of impotence or premature ejaculation against a background of mental-emotional problems would be SI-3 Houxi on the left, BL-62 Shenmai on the right, HE-7 Shenmen on the right and LIV-3 Taichong on the left if the pulse is Wiry, or KI-3 Taixi if there is also a Kidney deficiency and the pulse is Weak and Fine